Hi, I’m Lenka Kaclova,

Why am I here? I help you find your ideal customer, your expertise and niche, build your confidence, position yourself as influencer in your industry and mainly increase sales and make money online while enjoying your life and TIME here. Turn your purpose into profit.

Do what you love and build relationships you care about. That’s the best marketing strategy ever.

I love marketing strategy, online communication, building brands and businesses. I have worked with entrepreners, personal brands and corporations on their digital marketing strategy with nearly any industry you can imagine. I hunger for new information, ALL THE TIME. I always improving myself and this year I had my AHA moment when I knew I really want to teach all I know.

And when I’m not working my clients, I test new apps, updates, learn new strategies I could implement. I make videos and MAINLY taky care of my family which is the number one motivation. My two little kids.


Curious? Since we’re friends now, let’s get better acquainted:

I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I am workoholic, addicted to coffee, always trying to stop, both of it:)

My journey was from financial analyst to bank adviser to Sales and Key Account Manager in Online marketing agency to entrepreneur and business owner. And let me tell you this. My whole life is full of challenges, fear and constant rejection. I know how you feel and you will never move if you let it control you. I am an expert in what I do and the way I do it and so are you. Let’s do this together.

Ready to experience some great rise and enjoy the new level of your business?

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My Full Story

My name is Lenka Kaclova and I am from the Czech Republic, heart of Europe. I am an entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom and wife. I love enjoying my family time, my life and travel. I love building online businesses and helping people reach their dreams.

Before I crossed Internet marketing, I studied finance at University of Economics in Prague. I worked during my studies, but deep inside I already knew this is not what I want to do in my life.

It all began in Sept.2008. I had to quit my job in a bank while still studying. I was frustrated with the system and couldn’t stand corporate world any longer. I wanted to go out there and be on my own.

So I decided to become an entrepreneur, I started cooperating with one online marketing agency in Prague and started to build contacts in companies and helping them with their online marketing.

When I started I was terrified to pick up a phone and call someone. If my client didn’t pay, I didn’t get payed. I hit really the first bottom on my journey.

I was not able to pay for my rent, for my food, for anything. I have learned really a lot about this industry and a lot about sales itself.

I’ve learned how the only way to get out of it was in statistics. I was bad, I needed 20 calls to get 1 appointmet and 10 appointments to get 1 contract. It took me year and a half to get 9 appointments out of 10 calls (almost every single time) and 6-8 contracts from 10 appointments.

I know what it takes to get over the secretary up to the director or owner of the company and making them invest A LOT of money in my year budget. When you want $10.000 to build a website and another $20.000 for regular campaign, you better be good. I would have to really hustle on the small campaigns in the beginning to earn good money.

And I made decent money ;-). I met my future husband and love of my life during this period, but again, life happens. Agency I cooperated with got big and stopped caring about small customers and they were not satisfied so much any longer and my portfolio and good name was falling apart. Not theirs, mine. I was the one closing the contracts.

In 2012 the situation got serious. I quit. My personal life was perfect. I got pregnant and I knew my next step was work from home. So I started my own online marketing agency, However, with baby I couldn’t take care of the business with lots of clients. I only kept a few loyal ones I loved working with.

Fast forward… With second baby in 2015 and decision we want our own house I knew things have got to change again. I was hustling all the time to make more money, sacrificing my time with kids and still not making enough we needed.

I invested thousands and thousands of dollars for mentors, trainings and programs to learn online business, communication and marketing. However even with all that knowledge I had no breakthrough. I hit the bottom for the second time.

And again I started from scratch. This time building my own personal audience, my own brand. Not my company, my own. I was helping other companies, business owners and brands how to succeed. I have decided to get me out there, step up, and brand myself for the first time.

I was often thinking about quitting, I had to motivate myself and force myself to have things done all the time. I knew there was no way out. I wanted to prove to my husband that his support was worth it. That he can believe in me.

Fast forward to today. I made good decision 🙂 I am at home with my kids, building my own online business, definitely on the right track, still learning about affiliate marketing and building my team. This time online.

What I’ve learned? You need your why and the more desperate you are, the more you HAVE TO make it work. I hope this showed you that even people who are successful did and can hit the bottom again. But we’ve learned to get up and do it again, better this time.

You too can change YOUR life! So let’s work our way to the top together. Be in control of your future.

I will be your dedicated coach and show you all I know step by step… Be the next success story. I will help you to become one 🙂

Yours Truly,

Lenka Kaclová

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