What to look for? How to get started? What programs or products are the best for beginners? What about sales? How to make money? Starting an affiliate marketing all by yourself can be overwhelming. What are the obstacles and what to really focus on when being brand new?

Your job in affiliate marketing is to provide a customer to a product or service. You earn a commission when the sale is made. You didn’t create the product, but it gives you opportunity to benefit financially on its sales.

First you need to decide what you’ll be selling. I recommend to have higher profit margins because you need to cover your expenses and investments to get a customer. Usually with physical products like nutritions or techy products, there are high costs with production, distribution, supplies, labor etc, so margins cannot be as high and you have to sell many products to get to certain income stream.

So you should be looking for margins in $20-50 minimum, ideally $100+ per sale. You can earn thousands of dollars with one sale with high ticket products however in my personal opinion those are with high initial investments NOT made for brand new entrepreneurs who start with online business industry and have zero experience of any kind, so I would look for middle to high margins.

The best products to offer as beginners are digital products like information files, apps, programs or trainings. There is not such cost and creators can offer higher margins, usually 30-50%.

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How much will you make?

It all starts and ends with your marketing skills. Your product solves specific customer’s problem. Your job is to connect your customer with the offer. Expose the offer to as many customers as possible, drive traffic and fill in your sales funnel.

Sales funnel need to be good, professionally made, great videos so even cold lead, person you don’t have relationship with and you haven’t personally talked to yet, can be closed.

That’s why I recommend for beginners to choose as a starter affiliate marketing program that will teach them how to be an affiliate marketer and all the skills necessary to master this industry. You can earn while you learn.

Huge benefit of these programs apart from the training programs is their marketing done-for-you. You have all the presentations, sales funnels, follow up email sequences of high quality all ready for you and they even distribute it to your leads for you. That way when you are starting out, all you have to do is to learn to drive traffic – expose your offer and rest is taken care of. It gives you time to adapt and learn it along the way. You focus on traffic – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media, you can use paid traffic, run ads if you have marketing budget.

What do you need to know about Affiliate Marketing as a beginner?

I’ll share with you how I got started and what you need to get results.
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You have to understand everything takes time. You need to treat affiliate marketing like a business and you need to work on it with such work ethic. Put in the time and learn the skills.

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