How to make $10 000 online with affiliate marketing or any online business opportunity, what are the pros and cons and concrete steps to take to get these results. 

Can you make $10 000 online also as a beginner with no previous experience? Yes you can. If you can use internet and are willing to put in the work, yes you can, because now all you need is to know HOW to get it done.

As an affiliate it is easy to start, you register to start recommending other people’s products or services for commission. You can do Clickbank or Amazon, but what I recommend to start with are digital products, especially for higher commissions. Also when your product is how to build online business, market it, build the brand. It allows you to earn while you learn. My #1 recommended affiliate program to start with is here:

When you are ready to earn as an affiliate, understand, you make money by people purchasing products or services through your affiliate link. If your goal is long term, no quick buck, and you want to make $10k over and over again to grow your income to 6-figures, make-your-first-10k-onlineyou’ll need to do something more to get it and I’m about to show you.

Mindset is key

Understanding it does take time, you’ll have to learn lots of new things, improve yourself, grow your confidence. Do things others are not willing and believe in yourself you can.

That is easier to say when do when challenges come our way. That’s why it is so important to work on your mindset. Have a strong why because your believe it’s possible and already done will dictate your actions. And work ethic with right money producing activities are crutial to make money online.

The Affiliate Marketing Success

Consider this a not just any random process. This is exactly what you will need to do and build up. Pay close attention to teach step and don’t leave out anything.

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Create Valuable Content

With content you need to focus on your target audience, on your customer, who they are what are they doing online, what are they searching for and primarily what is it that thay need. Have your message aligned with this need. If your product solves their specific pain or adds value to their lives, value they want, what kind of content and where you need to distribute it to get it in front of them?

Another important question is why should they buy the product or service from you.The next steps will help you solve this, but the foundation is build in this step. Why does someone wants to buy the product you’re promoting and create valuable content sharing your story, your why’s and share it in a way that touches the pain point of your customers.

Great Call To Action (CTA)

With every piece of content that you create, you need to give your audience the next step. What should they do now. Otherwise you can loose this person forever. When someone invested their time in your content, let’s say watch the video, they will want to see more or come back for help in different topic because you’ve already helped once.

I highly recommend you give your audiece a CTA that leads to your something FREE providing more in depth value or adding something special they want in exchange for their e-mail. You need to know it’s something they really want and need in their process of solving their problem. so they actually give you their contact.

Don’t forget to download my new eBook Facebook Authority Guide that will show you how to build authority from 0 email list and following. Exact steps to take with Daily Action Steps checklist.

Facebook Authority GuideBuild Your Email List

Building an e-mail list or list of subscribers on FB Messenger is one of the smartest things you can do as an online business owner and marketer.

Having a list of your loyal customers, your tribe is so powerful. Serving them, growing know-like-and trust factor just makes your relationships with these people long term and deep. Unbreakable. People that open your emails are people that will buy from you when you ask them to. You know what they want and every launch, every sale is easier when you have a list.

Imagine what it would do to your business if you could just send your offer with the push of a button to thousands of people who love you and your content. How to work with your list on autopilot?

Follow-Up With Your Tribe With An Autoresponder

An autoresponder is software you use to build your list, store your contacts, segment the lists according to the interests of people joining it and you can communicate with them all in one platform. When you prepare your sequences in advance, anytime someone subscribes to your list, they get your planned emails automatically as scheduled without your assistance.

You can send broadcast emails with instant news you want to share with your audience, but the biggest help is in automation. There are many software out there, just choose one that fits your needs, I personally started with MailChimp where you have first 2000 contacts for free. You can learn as beginner using this one.

Ask for a sale

In order to make money, you need to make a sale and to make a sale, you need to ask for it. If you want to know what system I recommend and am currently promoting, this website and all my funnels go through it as well, you can check it out here.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale, people like you, you are helping them and your product/service solves their problems, you’re adding value to their lives, they’re ready to buy from you, you just need to give them something to buy. It is about them, not you, you are helping others.

Build an Authority, Become the GO-TO person

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