Even when connecting with people online, there IS a live human being on the other side. It is necessary to understand that every interaction and conversation has to be as in real life. Start treating people online as you would offline and watch what happens. If you stop thinking about you and start focusing on others, you will not have any difficulties to create new warm market and generate instant daily leads online.

This is a step by step strategy to use when creating new audience, following, warm market that engages with your content and with yourself.

When people start out, it may be difficult for them to understand the connection. How and where to find people to talk to and how to actually talk to them when they don’t know each other and they’ve never met. The key fear comes with the business offer. How to get them interested in the product, service or business opportunity.

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How to find new people online?

Honestly, it’s no different than meeting new people offline. You meet them by going out to events, meet ups, public places where you run into other people. You let people introduce you to their friends or you start talking to strangers yourself.

The internet is an extension of what we do in real life. Maybe you are an introvert, not that outgoing and fear talking to new people and that’s why you turned to online business opportunity. So what do you do online?

Start talking to others on social media for starter. The biggest challenge online is people confuse the situation for advertising call. Forget your offer for a second, forget you HAVE TO make that sale and stop pitching others from the second they show up online.

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How to create warm market online?

What are you interested in? Think about it. What kind of people you  can help and who do you really want to sponsor? Sit down and make a list. Write down first who the target audience is and THEN figure out where they spend their time online.

What social media they prefer, what do they read and watch. Are they part of any groups or forums? How will they know? Find a person you’d like on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and check out their profile and get to know them. Get genuinely interested in them. What do they post about, do they use hashtags, what are their interests and what kind of people they attract, who’s following them and is engaged with them. Do a little research.

Connect with such person or maybe even with someone from their audience or following and comment on something personal. Send them a private message and react to someone they have shared and talked about in that message. Mention why you connect and that you are sending them the friend request or starting following their account to stay connected.

Facebook Jail

Don’t over do this. Each social media platform has it’s limits of how many people a day you can connect with or how many messages you can send. You don’t want your account to be blocked, closed or put in famous Facebook jail.

How to turn your contacts into leads

Everything, even business and the invite or offer has it’s right timing. You can either get straight to the point or actually wait in the conversation to find out if there’s any need first. Both approaches have its pros and cons.

When you see the interest, always use a third party approach: If I ..showed you how to …, would you… Never ever send link or information to anyone who didn’t ask for it. Get the permission first.

Big warning! Once again, treat people like you would in real life. Stop posting ad after ad on your wall, pitch after pitch, that is not why people came to the social media in the first place. If you wear a banner on you day in and out.. It will not attract anyone.

Every engagement, every conversation you do online has a human being on the other side. Your marketing and interactions with others have to be treated accordingly. Get out of any spammy environment and get yourself in new waters. Are you mom, connect with other moms, find bloggers in that niche and connect with their audience, do you have a hobby, find a FB group with that topic. Get creative.

Where to find new people online:

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